LOVOL warranty

Unique 10-year warranty in the industry

Starting at $18,174 

Promotion: Get a free front loader with the purchase of a ROPS or cab tractor (a $6600 value). Does not apply on the basic models.

The most equipped tractors: A value over $15,000 added by tractor. See the Plus-Value section. 


CMI (Canada Motor Inc.), a company  created in 2004 and located in Quebec, is the exclusive supplier of LOVOL products in Canada. Founded in 1998, LOVOL has grown spectaculary become a world leader in agricultural equipment, construction machinery and other light-duty vehicles. Each year, LOVOL supplies 100,000 tractors, 50,000 harvesters and 120,000 engines in its distribution network covering 120 countries. Its turnover is estimated at $ 4.2 billions ($CAN) and the company employs more than 15,000 people. To know more about LOVOL, watch this video: 

Why choose LOVOL?

The LOVOL compact tractors (available from 25 to 55 hp) are the only tractors on the market to offer a limited 10-year warranty. They are the most equipped (refer to the Plus-Value section) and the most robust in the industry. Highly versatile, efficient and comfortable, LOVOL tractors have no electronic components. They are usually used for: 

  • Agriculture and livestock farm work
  • Snow removal
  • Lawn mowing 
  • Gardening and lawn sowing
  • Fence building
  • Other tasks

LOVOL tractors TB 554

Starting at $ 34,675 (ROPS model with loader)

The LOVOL tractor TB 554 meets the durability and reliability requirements that you are looking for to perform a broad range of tasks. 

  • Shibaura Engine A4K41T - Diesel 4-cylinders (55 HP)
  • Hydraulic pump flow: 9,3 pgm
  • Rated PTO Power: 57,7/46,8 HP/KW
  • Dimensions: 163" x 74" x 105" ROPS version / 163" x 74" x 111" cabin version (L x l x h)
  • Weight: 5115 lbs ROPS version / 5567 lbs cabin version
  • Maximum speed: 40 km/h

LOVOL tractors TB 454

Starting at $ 26,675 (Basic model)

TB 454 tractors like all the other LOVOL brand tractors TB are very robust and they have no electronic components. It will be your ideal working partner!

  • Shibaura Engine - Diesel 4-cylinders (45 HP)
  • Rated PTO Power: 48,3/38,2 hp/kw
  • Hydraulic pump flow: 9,3 pgm
  • Dimensions: 163" x 74" x 105" ROPS version / 163" x 74" x 111" cabin version (L x l x h)
  • Weight: 5115 lbs ROPS version / 5567 lbs cabin version
  • Maximum speed: 40 km/h

LOVOL tractors TE 254

Starting at $ 18,174

The LOVOL tractor TE 254 are designed to perform on agricultural work or other tasks when you need an efficient and reliable tractor. 

  • Shibaura Engine KM 385 - Diesel 3-cylinders
  • Rated PTO power: 25,5/20 hp/kw
  • Hydraulic pump flow: 8,5 gpm
  • Dimensions: 136" x 60" x 94" ROPS version / 136" x 59" x 92" cabine version
    Weight: 2700 lbs ROPS version / 3086 lbs CAB version

Luxurious and comfortable cabin

LOVOL tractors have an optional closed, ergonomic and fully glazed cab. You will appreciate the comfortable and adjustable deluxe Grammer seat.

  • Air conditioner and sunroof window
  • Build-design to prevent dust from entering inside the cabin
  • Doors opening wide for easy entry and exit
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Standard AM/FM/USB/AUX radio
  • Sun visor

Robust and reliable engine

LOVOL tractor is characterized by its proven and well-built mechanical components.

  • 3-or 4-cylinder engine
  • Synchronized gearbox for smoother operation
  • High torque engine designed for reliability and power
  • Rigid, high-strength cylinders to perform the most labour-intensive tasks
  • High torque reserve
  • High pressure lubrication system
8+8 or 12+12 synchronized gearbox
Reliable,high performance front axle
Strong, durable rear axle
Flexible and resistant structure
Ergonomic interior cabin
Sunroof window
No task is impossible for the LOVOL tractors. They can be equipped with a wide variety of equipment to handle any challenge!
Livestock farm work
Wood lots
Snow removal
Gardens and orchards
Transport operation
Agricultural work
Front loader with bucket

LOVOL Canada makes it possible for its customer the add a front loader with bucket to their tractor. Two models are available:

  • TZ02D - For TE 25 hp model: 0,18 m3 bucket  with 200 kg (441 lbs) loading capacity
  • TZ04D - For TB 45 and 55 hp model: 0,21 m3 bucket with 400 kg (882 lbs) loading capacity

Various loader equipment attachments can be installed: most of them can be fit and removed in less than a minute, without any tool. 


The backhoe (HW03 for the TE model and HW05 for the TB model) was specifically designed for LOVOL tractor models. The backhoe is ideal for excavating, digging and filling operations. With its quick change gasket seal, any person can install or remove it within 5 minutes!


LOVOL tractors are the most equipped on the market. By choosing a LOVOL product, you get more than $15,000 in value including:  

  1. 10-year warranty (value of $3000)
  2. Free front loader with bucket - with the purchase of a ROPS or Cabin Model (value of $ 6600). Basic models excluded.
  3. Skid-Steer loader quick attachment system  (SSQA)
  4. First class heavy-duty agricultural hydraulic system in 3 points
  5. Front oil outlet - 3rd function (value of $1500)
  6. 2 standard rear hydraulic outlets (value of $2000)
  7. Tractor weight greater than competition, providing better traction
  8. Japanese-made Shibaura engine
  9. Diesel engine without regeneration (no DEF)
  10. Front bumper on TB models only (value of $300)
  11. Ceramic clutch for heavy-duty work to avoid conventional clutch slippage
  12. Standard intercooler for better performance (on 55 HP model only)
  13. Standard agricultural radial tires - better traction and smoother ride (value of $1000)
  14. Valve protector to limit punctures (value of $350)
  15. Wheel weights in the rear tires for better traction (value of $400)
  16. Sturdy front axle for heavy-duty work
  17. Straight rear axle with adjustable extension to meet the needs of various driveability and stabilization applications. Provides 10 inches of additional width (TB models only)
  18. 800 CCA battery for better starting in cold conditions (value of $100)
  19. Sunroof on TB models only (value of $350)
  20. Renowned Grammer seat for ultimate comfort (value of $500)
  21. Front and rear wipers (value of $250)
  22. Standard AM/FM/USB/AUX radio on TB models only (value of $150)
  23. Sun visor to improve visibility and safety (value of $100)
  24. Air conditioning on TB models only (value of $1000)
  25. Maintenance kit for the hydraulic system including replacement parts (TB models only)
  26. Parts manual to make spare parts ordering easier
  27.  A tool kit set for performing minor repairs and maintenance by yourself

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